"Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness." Anni Albers, a German-American textile artist.

mixed media portrait in sketchbook

"...breathe with a different kind of happiness?" Not always.

Sometimes art can be very frustrating and that's when I throw all caution to the wind.

I posted an unfinished portrait yesterday and I was looking forward to finishing the painting today; however, it took much more of my time than I ever intended. Finally, as it was getting closer to the end of the afternoon, I just decided that I would experiment with my new oil pastels.

I discovered that I really, and I mean really, like the smooth buttery feel of the Sennelier oil pastels I received before Christmas. They blend together so beautifully.

And I am still loving the glazing and all the colours that can be achieved on a simple black and white portrait. My bottle of glazing medium had not been touched since I bought it over a year ago and now, I can hardly wait to do another portrait with glazing.

But this painting did not make me happy. Quite the contrary. I was frustrated because I kept going back to her and adjusting the lights and the darks until finally, I slapped on some blue to her face and blended some other oil pastel colours on her face and shoulders.

So I leave her right where she is now and move on to the next project. And that does make me happy!

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