Celebrate 150 Years of History

On a beautiful sunny day recently, I visited MOSAICANADA150, a combination of different art forms that took my breath away.

Set in Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau, Québec, this horticultural display is meant to take us on a voyage through 150 years of "history, values, culture and arts in Canada."

It is well worth the approximate hour that is spent travelling down the one-kilometre route.

The different art forms include: "sculpture for the structure, paint for the palette of colours, and horticulture as the means of creating living and changing artworks with plants." http://www.gatineau2017.ca/mosaicanada-150gatineau-2017/

As we begin our tour, just on the side of the tracks of an old-fashioned train station, we hear the whistle blowing, and the sound of the train arriving.  Covered in flowers and plants, this steam locomotive CPR374 is set in a field of sunflowers.

What a spectacular beginning to this portion of the trip.

The first segment which I cover in this post is part of "A Journey across Canada".

train at MOSAICANADA150 Exhibit

"Proudly Canadian" at MOSAICANADA150

"Proudly Canadian, La fierté d'un peuple."

RCMP (Saskatchewan) at MOSAICANADA150

"Royal Canadian Mounted Police Horse and Rider, Cheval et cavalier de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada." (Saskatchewan).

The Lobster Fisherman at MOSAICANADA150

Lobster fisherman at MOSAICANADA150

"The Lobster Fisherman, Le pêcheur de homards" - Nova Scotia.

Bill Reid's Killer Whale at MOSAICANADA150

"Chief of the Undersea World, Bill Reid's Killer Whale, Le Géant du Pacifique, L'Orque de Bill Reid," British Columbia.

A story of the Northern LIghts at MOSAICANADA150

"A story of the Northern Lights, Howling Wolf, Légende des aurores boréales."




From the Yukon "The Prospector, Le chercheur d'or".

I chose only a few images from the many exhibits.  There was music or other sound effects for many of the exhibits.  Quite spectacular.

The work that went into creating these sculptures, and especially the thoughtful symbolism such as in A Story of the Northern Lights (above) with the design of the Northern Lights on the Inukshuk were stunning.

All the attention to the little details that appealed to the senses made this a pleasurable "Journey across Canada."

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