“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ author unknown.

Throw Back Thursday art on a globe

Since it is Thursday, and many artists post work previously completed as part of Throw Back Thursday (TBT), I thought this globe was an original way to show art that has been completed over the past year or so.

Yes, I am creating my new self. I have been trying different techniques, various mediums in my art, all while learning to blog and venture into unchartered territory for me (technology) in my posts. I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out how to attach a youtube video to one of my posts recently... sigh...

An old dog can definitely learn new tricks.

The globe seemed appropriate as well as I have found a thriving art community of supportive artists that circle the globe.

So many new friends to share and exchange ideas from all around the world whether it is Maggie and Lyn in England, or Tracey and Sally in Australia, Muriel and Juna in the Netherlands, Rosario in Spain, Anna in South Africa, Natalia in Greece, Kara and Jane and so many others in the USA, and of course, in Canada.

I am truly thankful for all the encouragement whether it is on Instagram (279 followers), or on Pinterest (almost 2,000 followers), or on Facebook where I am still new and building my followers.

And of course, some of you are following me on my blog and I sincerely appreciate your loyalty over the last year. I always look forward to reading your comments and replying on my blog.

I decided to post only my portraits on this globe. I have used watercolours, acrylics, mixed media, and even digital portraits to "paint" this globe with my work. Some projects work out and others don't. Some art is more challenging than other creations. It's all part of the learning process.

What "new tricks" have you been learning?

Enjoy the last days of August everyone!

4 Responses

  • You are such a clever vegemite! That globe looks amazing, just like you who never ceases to amaze me with your creations

    • This is an app…I think this one was PhotoLab. So easy! Almost shameful to post it but I thought it was cool when I first saw it. Thanks for the lovely compliment.

  • Wow, Louise, ton globe, qui représente une fraction de tes oeuvres de l’année, est vraiment impressionnant !! Bravo !! Je ne suis pas fidèle dans mon suivi sur ton blog, mais certainement fidèle dans mon admiration ! Bravo !!
    Amitiés, Marie xo

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