“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.” Mary Jo Putney

Gratitude Journal Prompt 28/52  "Your First Memory"

(Gratitude Journal Entry week 28, "Your First Memory"...)

If it is true that what one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever, then my heart is indeed filled with gratitude for all the wonderful memories from long ago.

The illustration shows my first puppy, a mutt my parents found for me when I was just a baby. It might be hard to believe but I do remember that puppy. Is that possible? I wasn't even two years old!

Could that be the reason I love dogs so much?

I also included Ring a ring o' roses, a song from my childhood that I learned from my mother and then later sang with girlfriends, although there were many other songs my mother and my aunt used to sing to me. Maybe this is the reason I love music and a day doesn't go by that I don't have some song playing in my head.

Other early memories include Dad giving us piggy back rides to our bedroom, Mom and Dad helping us remember the words to Hail Mary and later, my parents listening to our night time prayers, and then Mom snuggling with us to read us bedtime stories. I wish I had kept 365 Bedtime Stories. She read from that book each night for a long time.

In the summer, my parents would have us get into our pyjamas and then bring us for a car ride around town which might include a stop at the Dairy Queen for a cone.

When Dad was working shifts, and Mom was alone, I could sleep with her in bed which for me, was always a treat.

I am surprised at how much I can remember of those early days.

Our little house was filled with warmth and I remember being loved.

A simple act of gratitude by John Kralik

Finally, as half of the year has gone by, and since this weekly journal I am keeping is all about gratitude, I would like to thank my American friend Linda, for giving me A Simple Act of Gratitude when I visited her last September with the request that I pass it along to someone else who might like reading it.

After I read the book, I passed it along to hubby and then to Dad. Now it has to move along to other readers.

If you are looking for an uplifting book to read during the dog days of summer, this just might be it!

What childhood memories are you most grateful for?

Cheers to you my friends!

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  • Another great post Louise. I know I am older than you but like you and Anne being brought up in the country certainly had its advantages, so much freedom, but I also think that our generation had a much simpler life and were content with the minimal of everything. I am so pleased that I have written my life story for future generations to peruse, certainly needed to do it before I start forgetting, but the. Of course there is still so much more of life to live. ????

    • Sally, I think I am starting to sound a lot like my parents as time goes on. I think each generation must think their childhood was the best childhood one could have. That might be so even for our children and grandchildren depending on the changes they see occurring during their lifetime. Thanks for leaving a comment. I always look forward to comments regarding my posts.

  • I remember so much from my childhood Louise. And yes you are in there. Me biking to your house and us playing outside my parents house. I had a great childhood. Kick the can in the summer. Staying out and laying in the grass at night looking at the stars. Swimming at the pool and in the river. Games on the rink at St Joseph and Lady of Sorrow. I could go on and on. Music was a big part of daily life in our household. Reading ferociously. Always afraid there would not be enough books to read. Duscussions with family and cousins. Oh how i miss those simple days.

    • Yes, I know. I could have gone on and on but I had to limit myself to early childhood as the prompt was the first memory. But I have the same memories I think as you have…I think it was the advantage of growing up in a small town but also, growing up without technology when we spent a lot more time outdoors. Funny how we sound like our parents more and more as we get older! (missing those days…)

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

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