Spring can’t come fast enough for Rosie.

Rosie, our almost two-year-old Biewer, loves rolling and running in the grass.

When I painted this impressionistic field of flowers, I left a space to paint Rosie upright. However, the shape of the space suggested a familiar pose and I went with it: she loves to lie on her back in the grass and wait for someone to come and rub her belly.

If Rosie is in a playful mood, she might dash away at the very last minute and hope that we come after her. It’s all a game for her.

This whimsical painting was completed on 9 x 12" watercolour paper using Holbein, Golden, and a few Liquitex Basics acrylics. I used a palette. knife to create texture for Rosie's fur with Golden Heavy Body acrylics in Titanium White.

Rosie Waits for Spring by Louise Primeau.
Rosie waits for spring in a field of flowers. An impressionistic, whimsical painting.


Notable facts about Biewers.

Biewers are named for the couple in Germany who first bred them in the mid 1980s.

Biewer is pronounced Beevah or Beaver, but I prefer to just tell people that Rosie is a type of Yorkie even though that isn’t really the truth of it. Pronouncing it in the German way sounds pretentious and saying she is a “beaver” elicits puzzled looks, a few laughs and more explanation.

Tri-coloured Biewer Rosie.
Tri-Coloured Biewer, Rosie.


They are

  • tri-coloured terriers
  • not constant barkers
  • first imported in USA in 2003
  • are a distinct breed; this is a first in history, that is, to have that determination done through genetic study
  • terrier in its name, but they have been placed in toy group because they are not bred to be hunters like the first Yorkies but rather, the Biewer is a companion or lap dog
  • Non-shedding
  • Very friendly with children and adults and with other animals

Rosie is definitely devoted to her family, in particular, one little girl that she absolutely adores.

While Rosie has lots of playfulness in her, she is also mellow, usually in the afternoons and evenings. Rosie has already been the subject of several blogs posts, and I am sure you will be seeing her again!


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  • A wonderful and playful impressionist artwork, Louise. I also like the texture used to paint Rosie. Have a great weekend, my friend!

    • Thanks Phil. Sometimes, when my art isn’t going in the direction I want, it is helpful to just play with colours. This was a fun piece. Enjoy the weekend!

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