Saskia van Drunen, featured artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Saskia van Drunen

Saskia van Drunen: long journey back to art.

Together with my husband, I have a beautiful son and daughter and three cats to share our home with in a little village in the Netherlands.

I have always been a creative child expressing myself through drawing, colouring, and creating things. I also loved to dance and sing. While growing up in the countryside, I loved being surrounded with a lot of animals. At the age of eighteen my parents gifted me with a beautiful painting set up. The best gift ever!

When I finished secondary school, I wanted to go to Art School, and become an artist, but the insecurity that I did not have enough talent, got the better of me.

So, I decided to study hotel management and I worked for many years with my parents and sister in my family´s hotel and restaurant.

Then, I started to feel stuck, and decided to study Dutch Law at University. After five years this lead to me working at a law firm specializing in divorce law.

While working as a lawyer, I had become a mother of a beautiful sensitive boy. He was four months old when I decided, supported by my lovely husband, to be a stay-at-home-mom.

Two years later my lovely daughter was born, bursting with energy.

After I had given birth to my daughter, following a very challenging pregnancy and now with two small kids to take care of, I struggled to find my balance.

Saskia returns to creative practice.

Dealing with all the feelings and emotions that surfaced was quite daunting for me. I felt the need to express them in a creative way.

Life's Threads by Saskia van Drunen, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Life's Threads.

I had not picked up a brush for about eight or nine years, but I gathered my brushes, bought some new paint and canvases and boy, did it feel liberating! And, I felt that creative spark again! It helped me heal, and connect on a deep level with myself.

Before, I had painted all kind of things, such as flowers and cats, and I also created and sold abstract art that I had displayed in the family  restaurant. But now I wanted to improve my drawing and portrait painting skills. So I took some online classes and learned a lot of new techniques along the way. I love drawing and painting portraits. It’s a beautiful journey of the inner self and the outer world.

Portraying emotions and continuous experimentation.

My favorite subject is women, their strength, vulnerability, pain, sensitivity, caring, struggles, longing, sadness, spirituality, happiness, their inner beauty!

Besides my love for portraits I am also passionate about abstract art. It’s the playfulness and energy I can put into an abstract piece and staying loose that attracts me to that style.  I love exploring new techniques and styles, a great way I think to improve yourself and find your own voice.

Passing along her love of painting through teaching.

I now work from my home studio and teach online in a collaborative course. Being able to create from my home studio, gives me the freedom I need and it allows me to be there for my children when they get home from school. I am also working on classes that I will feature on my own website in the future.

Breathe and Reassess by Saskia van Drunen, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Breathe and Reassess

Saskia’s art work is available for sale.

You can shop my artwork at my website. I am also a home artist of the HeArtful Soul Artist Collective where we have an online auction on facebook every two months.

You can follow my journey and process on facebook and instagram and see what I’m working on. I’d love to connect!

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  • I love Saskia’s work. Having never painted a portrait until recently, I think she has given me the courage to do some more. Certainly the style is one I can resonate with. Thanks for sharing her work Louise ?

    • I am so happy that you are finding inspiration from the artists that are featured on my blog. I have followed Saskia for some time now especially as I first started with portraits too. Just like us, her art is evolving over time. When can we look forward to seeing your portraits??‍?

    • Certainly. So many of us set aside our creativity when life gets busy. And yet, this is perhaps when we need it the most! Thankfully, some of us do go back and rediscover this forgotten interest. Cheers Vivienne!

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