“People usually associate the colour pink with weakness and naiveté; but I associate this colour with the most beautiful parts of the day – dawn and dusk! And in my searching through mystical writings, I have found that pink is actually related to the utmost levels of the Tree of Life. I’ve also seen it in pictures of the sky surrounding the most magnificent Aurora Borealis! So pink is strong and wonderful. ” C. JoyBell C., American author, blogger, and inspirational figure whose influences include Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, C.S. Lewis, and Ernest Hemingway.

This post was first published in February, 2017.

Mixed media portrait of "Candy Floss", pink haired woman

"Candy Floss" Mixed media in Strathmore Toned Tan Sketchbook.

When my son saw this portrait, he remarked that this woman looks like she has been through some s*^t in her life.

Funny how portraits turn out like that.

I thought I had painted a woman looking off into the distance, but since he made that comment, I see she is staring right back at me, daring me to touch her one more time. In fact, she is now telling me to bugger off.

Other portraits I have painted have had a similar effect. Best to stop before I mess things up too much.

Sharon McCutcheon at unsplash - copyright free image.

Colours too have had different meanings and associations through time.

Pink, for example, until the 1950s, was considered a boy’s colour because it is a derivative of red which is a very strong colour whereas blue, was seen as more delicate, and was chosen as a girl’s colour. The reversal occurred in mid- 20th century when pink was assigned to girls for some unknown reason.

Ultimately, that is what I like about art: it speaks to people in different ways. Much like the colour pink.

(copyright free photo of rose petals by Sharon McCutcheon at unsplash)

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    • Sometimes the text is easy to write, other times not. It helps when I have family comment on my art as it can be the inspiration in developing an idea. Thanks for commenting once again, Sally!

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