acrylic journal painting - She suddenly appeared out of the mist

This lady gave me a very difficult time trying to lure her out of the thick fog and mist. She was very shy and wanted to remain hidden away where no one would notice her. It took quite a lot of coaxing and negotiating on my part, but here she is for a short while.

Her wish was to stay in the background with the flowers blown around her by the blustery wind.

process of acrylic painting in journal
process of acrylic painting in journal

But as the fiery sky of early morn gradually gave way to the fog that blanketed all her world in softness, she shows herself in the mist rising from the protective marshes where she must return.

Painted in my journal, she is surely disappearing from sight as the mist swirls around her. The page will be turned and another unknown person will gradually, after hours of work, and much persuasion from me, emerge.

Thank you to Iris Fritschi-Cussens for the inspiration.

process of acrylic painting in journal
process of acrylic painting - outlining with stabilo

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  • Love how you managed to change the background, as I started from the bottom and worked my way up she certainly evolved and so did her surroundings.

    • Thanks Sally. I think this might be the beauty of this type of exercise. One never knows how it will turn out so it is a bit of a surprise. Acrylics require quite a bit more time than I thought but I am enjoying the learning process.

    • Thank you Iris. Unfortunately, I covered up all the colours in the background but for a first attempt at this kind of journal page, I was happy with the final result. Thanks for a stopping by and leaving a comment.

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