Snickers, the cat has been through a lot in her short life.


First, her previous owner passed away last year and so, she had to adapt to a whole new family.

The transition went smoothly and she is a very polite and quiet cat.

She patiently sits at the table while her family eats without making a sound or in other words, without begging for their food.

Once the table is cleared and the family begins their evening routine, Snickers has a routine of her own.

She follows her family from room to room seeking their company, but at 9 o’clock precisely, she retires and sleeps soundly under the covers until the next morning.

Snickers and her lost eyesight

Although Snickers has one eye in the painting, in actual fact, she is completely blind.

Shortly after she arrived in her new family, she was diagnosed with cancer in one eye. After she had surgery to remove the cancer, she became blind in the other eye. In spite of this challenge, the little Bengal cat has adapted very well and her new family love her very much.

The details of this ornament.

The client did not want a Christmas theme for Snickers as this wood slice will be displayed all year long. Several clients have told me that they display the wood slices in various ways all through the year.  Click on this link to view my wood slice portfolio.

The purple in the background has a bit of shimmer as I used a metallic paint for this ornament. It has been varnished to a high gloss to make the colours really stand out.

I am accepting commissions for 2020. Contact me if you wish a custom portrait painted on a birch slice. I purchase my 3.5" birch slices from a supplier in Timmins, Ontario. I ship all over the world and would be happy to paint your little companion.



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