“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening…”

~ A Winter Wonderland.

(This post was previously published in 2016.)

Folk art painting - An After-Christmas Visit

("An After-Christmas visit". Acrylic on canvas. )

I painted this very old-fashioned, traditional Christmas scene many years ago. It always elicits positive remarks.

My guess is that we miss those days when life was simpler. For example, a sleigh ride on a snowy, starry Christmas Eve might have been the highlight of the festive season.

This is my oldest art on canvas.

An attempt at naive folk art, this scene is a tole painting project from the mid- 1990s when tole painting was the rage. Everyone, or so it seemed, was in some way involved in a craft of some kind.

For a fall semester, I enrolled in a tole painting class with two friends, and we painted our little hearts out. It was a welcome break from our routines.  I still use some of the techniques learned in that class today.

I keep this painting because it reminds me of the laughs I shared with two good friends while doing something I really enjoyed.

As we near Christmas, I think of friends who have walked with me on life’s road.

The best friends are always present in good times and in bad. They are anchors when life is a choppy sea.

Some friends I have never met in person, but because of shared interests, we have come to know each other through emails and messages. The virtual world allows the meeting of the minds with people who live half a world away.

Christmas wishes from Greece
gifts from Australia

Other friends are only a phone call away and can be counted on for advice and a listening ear.

Some friends have stayed in touch on a very regular basis while others send Christmas greetings the old-fashioned way with a letter outlining the passing of time, and the major events that touched them during the year.

To all my friends near and far, I wish you a magical, joyous, and if you wish, a traditional Christmas.

(photo in header:  thanks to Chad Madden @chadmadden)

6 Responses

  • What a thrill to see this post Louise, once again we are wishing you, Neil and all of your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looks like we will be Face Timing in 2017 now, up you know you are always in our thoughts. Big hugs. Sally and Les ????????????????

    • Yes, maybe between Christmas and New Year.

      Wishing you both all the best at Christmas and in 2017. You are also often in our thoughts. Here’s hoping that 2017 brings us one year closer to meeting each other in person! xx

  • All the best to you my friend. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année à toi et tous les tiens. Santé, sérénité et bonheur pour 2017.

    • Merci Thérèse et à toi et ta famille aussi. Bon repos pendant les vacances et on se reparlera dans la nouvelle année.

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