“What I’ve learnt is: buy the damn shoes. Kiss the boy, You can lose a life in indecision, and regret is a waste of an emotion.” ~ Kate Lord Brown, The Taste of Summer.

journal entry watercolour party shoes

(first watercolour sketch of a pair of my shoes, party shoes at that, in Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal, 2014)

These elegant stilettos were bought a decade ago for a wedding, and then worn again on a few more special occasions, but they pinched my toes so I am happy to leave them where they can be admired once in a while without having to actually wear them.

This year, weather permitting, the celebration on New Year's Eve will require a pair of warm, comfortable winter boots, not stylish stilettos.

There is no regret in knowing that these party shoes have been replaced either by flats, bulky boots or even slippers.

Warmth and comfort are more important than elegance.


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