“The pretty toes, the shapely ankle, the gently undulating leg – and then to cap the climax – there is the knee.  Or should we say knee-cap?

It’s a terrible bump – to masculine imagination.”  The Flapper – (The psychology of knees), June 1922.

mixed media portrait of 1920's flapper
“Flossie”, 16×20, mixed media including collage background, acrylics, and Golden Pearl Mica Flake (small) in hat and on earring.

This flapper from the 1920s for Throwback Thursday was originally published last year.  When you know your hours of frustration are over

At that time, I was beginning to learn that each painting goes through a scary, ugly stage when artists must push through to the other side, that is, to the portrait that actually has human features.  For Flossie I used a collage technique in the background that I still find appealing a year later.

Even though a year has gone by since I painted Flossie, and even though I like to think I have progressed at least a bit in my techniques,  I do like the mica glitter in her cap, the colours from the background which are repeated in her cap and dress and the spotlight which seems to be focused on her.

She was the first painting to be displayed in my home.  Most of my other art work remains in dark corners of my art room or in sketchbooks.

Portraits and faces remain the subjects I truly enjoy painting, but our furry friends come a close second, and I have a backlog of commissions waiting to be completed.

In the end, it doesn't matter what endeavour is undertaken, whether it is knitting, music, cooking, sculpting, photography, etc.  as long as it fills a need or a void in our lives.

What is your creative endeavour?



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