“They err who think Santa Claus enters through the chimney. He enters through the heart.” Charles W. Howard, attributed, Legendary Locals of Orleans County, New York.

watercolour Santa

(Watercolour in Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal, painted in 2014 for Jane Lafazio's online course)

Our ceramic Santa sat atop a box of candies which when emptied, the box was thrown out and the Santa became one of the Christmas decorations in our house.

He has an old-fashioned look that I find appealing: the long robe is certainly not the usual attire of the Santas in our shopping malls.

In the last decade or so, this bird loving Santa has complemented the theme I have created in my Christmas tree as I transitioned from a very feminine decor with pink ribbons, and white pearls and lace angels, to a tree decorated with hand painted birdhouses, frosted leaves, miniature wind chimes, birds in nests, and large pinecones along with crimson berry-like garlands and red Christmas balls.

May your heart be filled with the spirit of Christmas now and throughout the coming year.

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    • Thank you Sally for this comment and all the others through the year. I am starting to think you are the only one who reads each post. And this is such a busy time of the year and still you take a moment to send me a feel good thought. Sending love and best wishes your way!

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