Maltese love knows no bounds.

This girl! I have captured her personality when she is attentive. Did she just hear the word walk? Or is there a possibility that she might be gifted with a tiny piece of cheese or a crunchy nacho? Any type of handout will do, please, and thank you.

Sophie - acrylic portrait
"Sophie". Acrylic on 10 x 10" gallery wrapped canvas.


two portraits
Sophie and Chico (mixed media on 9 x 12" gallery wrapped canvas.

My little Maltese has so much character. For the longest time, she walked in the shadow of our oldest dog, a Havanese named Chico.

But now that Chico has left us, she thinks she is the only one who matters in our household. She just might be right!

Her ears are often perked up, a sign that she is on guard.

Was that a noise she heard out front? Is there someone approaching the front door?

It is her duty (and pleasure) to bark until we go investigate. For an 11 year old, her hearing is perfectly fine.

Dark brown eyes are zeroed in on potential food that might by chance, drop to the floor. Or they might be quietly pleading for some cuddling on a cold night. They are definitely impossible to resist.

Either way, this little Maltese is our baby and she was such a joy to paint.


Below are a few of the many photos of my two "puppies".

Sophie on sofa
I dare you to move me!


Custom Pet Portraits

Would you like to have a furry companion painted as a unique gift for that someone special?

I love painting pets and capturing their quirky little personalities. Imagine receiving such a personalized portrait to display in your home! Truly a one-of-a-kind gift!

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Please note:  I am on holidays in Europe from August 29 - September 15.


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