“If you’re going to create, create a lot. Creativity is not like playing the slot machines, where failure to win means you go home broke. With creativity, if you don’t win, you’re usually no worse off than if you hadn’t played.” ~ Scott Adams.

Conté de Paris sketch of vintage woman

Vintage woman based on a photo of Lillian Gish (born 1893). Conté de Paris white and sanguine.

In this sketch, I was unsuccessful in achieving a likeness to the 1920s silent movie star.

However, my fingers had been itching to get started on something, and her photo was closest at hand.

With creativity, I would argue, that even if I didn't succeed in achieving a likeness to Lillian Gish, I am actually better off than I was before.

Why so? Well, I experimented with a new medium. I am pleased with the look of the Conté de Paris sanguine and white in this Strathmore Toned Tan Sketchbook.

For about an hour, I was able to lose myself in the sketch and not think of anything else. All cares wash away (not that I have any) while I am sketching. That's worth something isn't it? Some people pay good money for that kind of therapy, and all I need is a pencil and paper in hand to reach that level of tranquillity.

So yes, those who love to sketch, paint, create, must do so a lot. And accepting that not all art will work out exactly as planned is just part of the process. It is always another step forward. And that is what counts.

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    • Thanks Sally but the face is too round and there is something off about the whole thing. But no matter…I enjoyed working on it and while sketching I was totally relaxed and having a good time with it. Not everything will turn out exactly the way I would like it to and that is just the way it is. I have found other photos of Lillian Gish and might have another crack at it later. I appreciate that you took time to comment Sally!

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