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Trudy, reference photo for portrait
One of two reference photos for Trudy's portrait. Used with owner's permission.

Trudy’s story as told by her owner.

“Trudy had a natural, gentle kindness; she loved life and everyone and everything in it. She went everywhere with us and became the mascot for our many races and triathlons. Trudy brought joy and support to us and anyone passing by.

We adopted Trudy from the Humane Society. Serendipitously, she had just come up for adoption the exact hour we arrived. Trudy came home and immediately fit in with our other rescued cats. We like to think they spent those first days together, sharing their stories.

Trudy never barked. She mostly rested her head on our lap and would often spontaneously run up and down our hallway to greet us. We were very fortunate to have her in our life.

Sweet Trudy passed away last November at home in our arms, surrounded by her kitty pals. During some challenging times she gave us unconditional loving support and this portrait will commemorate our sweet special friend.

A painted portrait differs from a photograph…

It really feels now that having this portrait of Trudy will be like she's coming home again.

We have pictures but the movement of your brush strokes have brought back a vitality and character to her we knew and loved. There's been a space on our wall facing the backyard that I know she would love to be at looking out at her garden and birds.”

Free portrait of Trudy
Trudy's portrait. Acrylic on 9 x 12 watercolour paper.


The couple sent me a photograph of Trudy's portrait, now in a white matte and frame, placed on the fireplace mantle of their family room, overlooking her favourite spot in the garden.

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