WIP - Beginning puppy portrait

This puppy, about 10 weeks old, is saying, "I am too cute; wouldn't you like to cuddle me?"

The minute I was sent these photos, I just had that itch to paint him right away... no matter that I have five or so other projects on the go.  

This is the reason I will never be bored with art.  A new project comes along and really gets me all fired up.  I like having a choice of projects whether it is a mermaid on reclaimed wood, a watercolour portrait, or a furry friend painted on canvas.

Initial sketch of laid back puppy on canvas

As I was sent many digital images of this puppy in different poses, and told to choose any one of them to paint, (I love having that freedom), the first thing I did was to print two of the better photos.

 I chose to work from this image in particular because of his very laid back attitude.  And look at those paws!  He is going to be a big boy!  However, the left side is too dark (see the big black blob that is his eye?) and so I will be using a second photo (see below) taken outdoors, with more accurate colours.

After a light pencil has been used to mark the general shapes, I use a Stabilo Aquarellable pencil to add the lines, some darker and some lighter.  Then, I add water to soften some lines and suggest shading in other areas.   

The blue will disappear under the paint; however, this time, I really want to attempt something different than what I have done before, something more colourful perhaps than the actual portrait, so I might add to the blue and darken it and let it show through.

second reference photo of puppy for painting
Adding huge blocks of colour to dog sketch

At this stage, I have blocked in the pillow and extended the orange to the side of the canvas.  The background is an experiment and will not remain as shown.

 I am considering layers of glaze for the background, or perhaps stamping and stencilling.  It might even end up being collaged or a little of everything I have mentioned. And sometimes, I just use a simple background as with Kiwi.

 The point is that I am never quite sure which techniques I will use on these pets.  My ultimate goal though is to always please the owner.

I will post updates as I work on this adorable puppy.  

Stay tuned! 

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  • My gosh this puppy is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Makes me want to do the puppy thing again! Almost! We are doing grand doggy sitting for the next 2 weeks so I probably will not feel the same way when it’s time for him to go home to his family.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    • Thanks Kathy. Puppies are easier than grandkids I am starting to think! You might have heard of our two trips to Emergency in one weekend with one grandchild. Lots of fun! Enjoy the doggy sitting!

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