”When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about.” ~Keith Haring

In the previous post, I talked about drawing common objects around the house and I am showing you that I practice what I preach.

A pineapple has been sitting pretty on the counter for the last little while and it will be cut up and enjoyed tonight for our dessert. It is a now or never situation so I get out my journal and my watercolours…


pineapple in sketch book

(meaning of the word pineapple from greatist.com)

Where is this magical, mysterious “another place”? I never found it.

After several false starts, and much erasing, I had the pineapple sketched out in a satisfactory manner.

That “tapping into things that are totally universal” was elusive with this art journal entry. It never happened. I remained totally present and aware of my surroundings. No mystical trip for me this time!

I need to remind myself of the first words …”when it is working”. Art doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is all good things coming together in a most pleasing way.







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  • Louise, j’aime tes commentaires. Ton introduction, ta conclusion. Tu me fais grandir. Tu es une enseignante dans l’âme, mais aussi une personne tellement communicative, sensible, humaine. À mon premier coup d’œil à ton dessin d’ananas , je me dis ” wow, Louise a reproduit un ananas, comme ça ! Les couleurs sont tellement réelles “, c’est magique. Lire la provenance du mot ananas est intéressant et j’aime ton écriture à côté de ton dessin. Un vrai beau journal !! Je me demande toujours comment tu as le temps de dessiner ainsi, et combien tu dois impressionner les gens qui te surprennent à exécuter ton art.

    • Merci Marie. Dommage que je ne me sens pas assez habile pour écrire les textes en français. Bonne semaine!

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