The perils of being an art supply junkie.


Has this happened to you? You open your kitchen cupboard searching for a specific item and discover that several of the canned or dry goods that you purchased some time ago have never been opened?  In fact, they have been forgotten and are near or past their expiry date?

And then you wonder, what recipe did I have in mind when I bought these ground almonds? Why did I buy a jar of marinated hot peppers? or what about the angostura bitters?

Well, this happened to me in my art room recently.

Yes, I admit that I am an art supply junkie. (First published in April 2018).

supplies all lined up
(photo by soflow at Unsplash)

Symptoms of the art supply junkie

Art supply junkies stroll nonchalantly down the aisles of arts and crafts stores. A few junkies actually have a list of needed supplies. Others quickly scan the shelves for sales or for any item that promises to be useful at some time in the future.

Even though art supply junkies appear to be quite relaxed, in truth, they are on a mission.

With beads of sweat rolling down their forehead, eyes darting to and fro, the art supply junkies' eyes finally lock onto a very unusual item, most probably not on the list that was so carefully prepared before leaving home.

supplies for art


Metallic silver paste? and it's on clearance?  I am sure I could use that in some way.

Fly swatter? Hmmmmm…look at that incredible flower design in the plastic meshing…I wonder if I could use that for Gelli printing? At only 50 cents each, why not buy a few?

And who can resist row upon row of luscious paint with names like Arctic Fire, Lapis Sunlight, Lunar Red Rock? Or the smooth, creamy pastels that are so buttery on paper? Surely, the junkie will add a few of those colours to the shopping cart if only out of curiosity. What would Buzzy or Eyeshadow watercolours look like when splashed on paper?

(photo by Peter Feghali at Unsplash)

The coupon addict: a sub-category of the art supply junkie

Or you might have seen the art supply junkie walk into the local art store with coupons in hand.

Unfortunately, Canadians don’t get anywhere near the discounts our neighbours to the south enjoy.

You know, the ones where the item is on sale, the coupon doubles the discount, and then gives the customer another discount just because she set foot in the store?

The satisfied client leaves with oodles of goodies, and the store actually gave her pocket change! That scenario NEVER happens in Canada.

So the art junkie must bring a "friend", a.k.a. reluctant hubby, to the art store with an additional coupon when the discount is 50% off or better.

Thus begins the search for the item that will give the most bang for the buck, usually expensive acrylic mediums like texture paste or gel. If you are an art junkie, you know that even those artist grade tubes of paint are worth a small ransom!

watercolours in a row
(photo by Denise Johnson at Unsplash)


Maybe you collect cameras and all types of doodads for your photography.

Or perhaps your passion is knitting and your closets are stuffed with yarn of all types along with needles and patterns.

Whatever your guilty pleasure, know that you are not alone! Help is available.

Social media sites abound with suggestions to get you through those difficult moments when the urge strikes you to buy more supplies. Try meditation or yoga. Call a sympathetic friend.

But please! Under no circumstance should you be perusing Amazon or Pinterest.

Now that you know my surprise there...tell me about yours!

Do leave a comment in the box below.  Share this post with other "junkies".  (You know who THEY are!)

What type of "junkie" are you?








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    • It’s hard to walk away from anything that “might” be useful! I usually find that many months down the road, I am happy that I have that product because it is part of a successful experiment. Happy painting Lynda and thanks for leaving a comment!

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