A Corgi named Ginger.

Although Ginger, the Corgi, looks rather bored at the moment, she is nevertheless very aware of every noise around her. Her eyes follow her human family as they walk by her bed. If anyone approaches, she is sure to want a belly rub or listen for a few loving words. (First published in 2020) 

Corgi painted by Louise Primeau.
Ginger, hand painted portrait of a Corgi.


Ginger is an alert watchdog in a little package. Like most dogs on the smaller side, she has a bit of a Napoleon complex. Her assertive, loud, and sometimes annoying bark compensates for her short, muscular stature.

The technique for Ginger’s portrait

Unsplash photo by Nataliia Kvitosvska.
Copyright free photo. Thanks to Nataliia Kvitosvska.

Ginger was a practice portrait on watercolour paper.

I used a similar technique as on Ringo, the star Boxer. Some of the collaged paper is left to show through on her muzzle and on her blanket.

Unfortunately, I was a bit heavy handed with the paint, and I covered all other collage pieces in the ears. Because of the collage elements, this is considered a mixed media portrait.

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