Cardinal series offered for sale.

Cardinals appear when angels are near or so the saying goes. Whether or not you believe cardinals appear in time of need, cardinals symbolize hope and love and we all need love and hope especially this Christmas, but really, any time of the year.

These particular cardinals have perched on branches decorated with shimmery beads. The snow that has fallen glistens in the moonlight.

Each cardinal is ready to roost on the soft snow as night beckons this magical bird to slumber on individually adorned branches.

The details of Birds and Beads series.

Birds and beads series is painted entirely in acrylics. The sides are painted either Christmas red, metallic blue, or deep forest green.

All have been varnished with Liquitex artist quality satin varnish.

Added texture, coppery or golden metallic paints, shimmery paint have been added to enhance the background for each cardinal.

The cardinals are a one-of-a-kind delightful gift for the bird lover, for anyone who has lost a loved one. Think also of the hosts of many Christmas gatherings and bring them a very memorable gift too!


6 x 6 canvas is CAD $65.00 plus shipping

5 x 5 canvas is CAD $55.00 plus shipping.

I accept e-transfers or PayPal. You do not need to have an account with PayPal in order to use it to pay me. Shipping via Canada Post. All sales final.

For local clients, I am pleased to meet you at an agreed location for delivery. And if you live in my town, I deliver to your door!

I try my best to represent the true colours but the metallics in the background as well as the glitter paint I have added does not show up very well in these photos.

Cardinal 1 with gold and white beads. ( 5 x 5")

Cardinal 3 with one strand of white beads. (5 x 5)

Cardinal 4 with one strand blue beads  (6 x 6)

Cardinal 5 with heavily textured background with red and green and yellow beads. (5 x 5)


Cardinal 6 with deep green sides and gold and white beads. (5 x 5)


Last cardinals for this year.

If you would like to own or gift one of the above cardinals, please contact me giving me details (#) of the painting you wish to purchase. Any enquiries are welcome. Absolutely NO NFTs.

Cardinal paintings on table top by Louise Primeau
Cardinal paintings on table top


Other birds I painted this year...

See below  exotic birds such as flamingoes as well as a party bird in all the colours I love best. All birds below are painted on watercolour paper.

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    • I was surprised too…I have discovered that I like painting birds so there might be more in the future. Then again, I have so many interests that I never know what I will be painting next! I am enjoying your photos of your travels in Australia. Thank you for sharing.

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