Canadiana art, “Two on the Puck” (“Deux sur la rondelle”) is quite different than my usual commissioned art work. However, I was up for a challenge when I was asked to paint a hockey scene and include the Montreal Canadiens sweater. (First published in 2021).

Two on the Puck, Canadiana art by Louise Primeau, Ottawa artist.
Two on the Puck (Deux sur la rondelle).

The physician for whom this painting is intended worked in Ottawa, Canada. While here, he and his family became hockey aficionados and ardent fans of the Montreal Canadiens. The art work will return with him to France in a few days as a souvenir of his stay in Canada.

“Two on the Puck” was so much fun to paint and I love the end result. (Yes, it’s totally ok to love your own work – because if you don’t, then why should others?) I would have kept the painting for myself had it not been intended for a specific client.

Searching for a title.

Giving a title to a painting is always a challenge.

First, I researched to find out more about the stick check in the painting. Then, hubby said he thought it was a poke check. Was he pulling my leg?

Well, there is such a thing as a poke check. Indeed, poke checks and stick checks are permitted within the rules of the game.

After giving the title some thought, I finally decided on “Deux sur la rondelle”, or in vernacular French Canadian, “Deux sur la poque” which translates to “Two on the Puck”.

Details of the painting.

The ice hockey scene is acrylic on 6 x 6” gallery wrapped canvas and the 1.5 " sides are painted to match a colour on the front.

Deux sur la rondelle is painted in naive expressionistic style.

 Naïve art takes the ordinary and adds enchantment. It turns the reality of adulthood into the weightless joys of youth. Simply put, naïve art turns reality into something else, something better.

The scene I painted is reminiscent of the hockey games we played on the lake in Northern Ontario once the ice was strong enough to allow us to skate on it. My childhood memories have a way of working themselves into art at times!

A small painting such as this one can be placed in a bookcase or on a desk.


“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

Other art celebrating skating and winter in Canada...

I sometimes paint skates and write about the memories that are linked to the skates.  Before Covid, I also gave workshops for painting skates to use as Christmas decorations.  The last pair of skates belong to a participant in my workshop.

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