Dull moments don't exist for Berne Doodle Lucy.


Lucy, is a 90 lb. Berne Doodle from Pennsylvania. Like most dogs, her life consists of eating, sleeping, and looking out for her favourite humans. You might think this is a boring life. Not so! Occasionally, she might get a whiff of some wild animal at the edge of her yard and will bark to warn her family. At other times, her little friends will play fetch with her and Lucy will chase the ball, tail wagging. There is no doubt that for this Berne Doodle, dull moments just don't exist. Life is one joyous discovery after another.

Last out of bed in the morning, she barrels down the stairs, and then yawns noisily while in downward dog yoga stretch watching all the action around her.

Berne Doodle Lucy at Louise's ARTiculations
It's always a good morning for Lucy.  Look at her happy face as she waits for her family in the car.


Lucy’s world includes hectic mornings and quiet time.

Mornings are hectic with two children preparing for school, and parents who work shifts at the local hospital.

Lucy knows that she might even be treated to blueberries or a piece of toast if she can wait until everyone has left.

Certainly, Lucy is patient especially when so much is going on around her. While everyone is in a frenzy to be out the door, Lucy waits another half hour before she is sent out for her first morning business. She knows her stay-at-home mom will bring her for a long walk as soon as the house is quiet.

Lucy eyeing hamburger


Berne Doodle Lucy’s world revolves around her human family.

But Lucy is definitely happiest with the hustle and bustle of family life. She will shove her little friends aside to be the first to greet the alpha adults of her family when they come home at the end of the day. Once everyone settles around the table for dinner, her little friends might sneak her a delicious morsel of hamburger or perhaps a few pieces of pizza crust. Then she will wait patiently once again while the children do their homework and take their baths.

Eventually, she will find a warm, comfortable bed and snuggle with her favourite family member.  She won't budge until the next morning when the routine starts all over again.

Her expressive brown eyes with long, slightly curled eyelashes don’t miss much.

Yes, Lucy the Berne Doodle is a much-loved family member.


The details of this custom pet portrait of Lucy, the Berne Doodle.

Lucy "Nose First",  was commissioned by a friend I met in Italy in 2006.

We have kept in touch since then, visiting each other in Canada or the USA once a year (or more) since we both retired from teaching.

"Nose First" is a pastel portrait painted on a 9 x 12 UART sanded paper. She is the second portrait I have painted using this medium.

I am still struggling with pastels: I had problems with the fixative, but found ways around that issue. And my expensive Derwent manual pencil sharpener gave out on me when I wasn't quite finished the project so I was not a happy camper!

The search continues for a sharpener that will work with pastel pencils.  A reader told me that the General brand of small sharpeners (.69 at some stores) will work. I was unable to find this locally but I will hand sharpen with a good old knife if I have to for the next portrait.

Lucy's stay-at-home mom wanted a "realistic portrait" featuring her prominent nose. Other than that, I had freedom to paint her as I pleased...(love that!) Consequently, she sent me several photos with the nose from different angles. And now you know why the painting is titled "Nose First"!

completed portrait of Berne Doodle with matte
Completed pastel portrait of Lucy, the Berne Doodle, by Louise's ARTiculations.

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Experiments with pastel portraits continue...

I continue to experiment with pastels and new supplies. My goal is to offer my clients different types of portrait at several price points.

If you would like to have your pet painted, contact me here. Your query will arrive directly in my email box. You will find a portrait portfolio and prices on my custom pet portrait page.  

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Have a great week everyone!

Louise Primeau and the portrait
Louise Primeau, Ottawa pet portrait artist, with pastel Berne Doodle in matte. Portrait "Nose First" is ready to be delivered.

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  • It sounds as though Lucy has a wonderful family and a perfect life. I had never heard of a Berne Doodle before. She is adorable and I absolutely love her portrait!

    • Thank you Christine.

      It has become very popular in North America to mix different breeds and then sell them at full price as though they were purebred. So we have Golden Doodles, (Golden Retriever and Poodle), Berne Doodle, (Bernese and Poodle), Morkies (Maltese and Yorkies) and so on. When you buy such a dog you aren’t quite sure which of the two breeds will prevail.

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