Eleonora Medwell's artistic journey.

Eleonora Medwell, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations: self-portrait
Eleonora Medwell: self-portrait


Drawing has always been present in my life. As a child, I loved to draw. I remember that at school, a small notepad in which I painted princesses and dresses for them, was taken away from me.

In the small Ukrainian town of my youth, formerly part of the USSR, on the border with Moldova, we did not have an art school where I could develop my art skills.

I wanted to become an artist, but my father did not support me, and I chose the profession of a librarian.

Reading is my passion, too. I taught myself to read Pinocchio at the age of five. Certainly the wonderful illustrations in this book captured my imagination.

While studying, I continued drawing - I illustrated my essays on literature.

Art and creativity on back burner

After graduation, drawing left my life for a long time: marriage, the birth of my daughter, household chores kept me too busy to practise any art.

As a result, for 35 years I did not take a brush or a pencil in my hands. In 2005 I remarried and moved to the UK where I have lived now for the last 14 years.

Four years ago, I started drawing every day. My passion for drawing is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

A desire to find connection through art

This is my usual ritual: before starting to paint, I ask the universe to guide me and help me express the brightest, joyful emotions through the beauty of colours and images. It is important for me to know that my paintings find a place in people’s hearts, that they give viewers joy, hope, a feeling of unity with the world, the universe and each other.

Nature inspires me but so do faces I see, the books I read, and art works of other artists such as Annie Hamman, Olga Furman, Jane Spakowsky, Oxana Herodesova, Max Gasparini. There is always something to inspire me. I am always happy when I draw.


Eleonora's artistic preferences

I mostly choose soft, pure colours, feminine, romantic images. Over time I have found that I prefer small and middle-sized canvases and paper. My favourite mediums are watercolour, acrylics, and ink.

My family and friends support me. I am fortunate to have met so many talented artists who are generous in sharing their knowledge with me.

I might not have an art degree but I use any opportunity to learn and improve my skills as I have strong ambitions to create happy, positive, meaningful art for my audience, to share my love for people, nature, and the world.

I believe that the universe is the greatest artist, and it creates through me; I am only its conductor.


If you would like to be featured as a guest artist or creative (photographer, designer, writer etc.), please contact me here.  I accept submissions on a first come, first serve basis.  As of today, I am looking for creatives for end of October and into the fall and winter.  Thank you!


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Eleonora Medwell shares more of her fabulous creations below.

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