Cute Puppy Alert! Incoming…Edgar the Dachshund.


Edgar really loves his human mama…and he proves it every day. When Edgar goes out to do his business, he is always afraid he might have missed something special.

This is the moment when coffee-filled mugs must be put aside quickly. Edgar runs at top speed (and boy, can those little legs run!) and attempts to jump onto his mama’s lap, all eager for a bit of loving attention and a lot of praise.

Adoring eyes of Edgar, Dachshund puppy.
Adoring eyes of Edgar, Dachshund puppy. Photo used with permission.


Edgar recently turned one year old and the reference photos I had were of him several months earlier.

It took longer than expected to paint Edgar. A few pet portraits require a little more work in the push/pull stage as some areas work out and others do not. As his owner states, Edgar was being himself in his portrait…a little devil!

Edgar is actually the third Dachshund for this Ottawa couple who absolutely adore the breed.

The Dachshund’s characteristics.

Dachshunds, or wiener dogs or sausage dogs (Great Britain) or Dackel (Germany) are ideal pets for many reasons. Whereas they were first bred to hunt badgers, (Dachs means badger, hund means dog), today, they are dogs that suit almost anyone because they are loyal and affectionate. They are sure to make their owners smile at their antics…and at their stubbornness! Their perseverance is part of the breed standard.

You can certainly see the intelligence and adoration for the person behind the camera in Edgar’s eyes. He is a playful boy which is also another characteristic of the breed. He has the deep bark of a much bigger dog, (Dachshunds are good watchdogs) but his owner says that Edgar is not a barker. In this respect, he is different from his breed.

Edgar, like most Dachshunds, is perfect for people who live in condos or apartments. Small in size, he is happy to go for a walk, but can be content with activity indoors where he is playful and mischievous.

Edgar is the second Dachshund I paint.


Tekel custom pet portrait on wood slice painted by Ottawa pet portrait artist, Louise Primeau, in 2019.
Teckel on approx. 3" Canadian birch wood slice. (2019).


New Commissions.

I am not accepting commissions for the summer months. I have a waiting list for fall when I will accept a limited number of commission work.

Contact me if you would like to leave a comment or if you would like your very own fur baby painted by me. I will add your name to my waiting list.

Or contact me just to let me know what is keeping you creatively trying new recipes? sewing? being outdoors in nature?

(Psssst...have you started anything for Christmas yet? I know some artists use the summer months to begin mass producing Christmas ornaments. is that you? I would love to hear what you have in the works!)



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