Tekel's sly look stirs the imagination.

Tekel custom pet portrait
Tekel on approx. 3" Canadian birch wood slice.


Is he waiting for his humans to leave the room so he can chomp down into the remaining cheese cubes? He has been salivating while everyone around him snacks on New Year's Day leftover crackers and cheese and pâté. It seems his favourite people have all but forgotten about him.

Or is Tekel anticipating a walk on a mild, snowy day? His sly look indicates that he knows exactly what time it is! He is waiting to hear those magic words...WANNA GO FOR A WALK??? When should he jump off the chair and go beserk with excitement? Every dog knows that timing is everything!

The details of this wood slice portrait

Tekel is the last wood slice I painted in 2019. I hope to add many more wood slice portraits to my portfolio in 2020.

Tekel is a surprise for the client’s adult daughter. This wood slice ornament will hang in the daughter’s office. Consequently, I was asked not to add any Christmas themed colours or objects.

reference photo for Tekel
Reference photo for Tekel.  Wood slice(WIP) pictured on right.

I used one of the better photos that the client sent me of Tekel as a reference. Good photos of your pets are crucial for pet portraits for many reasons. Photos taken from afar, or blurred photos are not great references for painting.


Read this recent blog post about the type of photos that work best for custom pet portraits.


If you would like your name added to my waiting list for a wood slice portrait or a more traditional painting on canvas or wood panel, please contact me. I would be most pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Remember that wood slices are affordable and are easily transported anywhere, even to the office as many of my clients have done. They can hang all year round close to your work space or in your house, as a conversation starter or even as a pet memorial.

Of course, wood slices are perfect little surprises any time of the year. Visit my portfolio of pet portraits on wood slices or my custom pet portrait page to see pets on canvas.

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