Hallowe'en might look different this year...

I published this post in 2018 when we innocently thought bad weather was usually the worst thing that could happen at Hallowe'en.  How wrong we were!  Those days are gone but we can still celebrate Hallowe'en in our little bubbles or in whatever way is deemed acceptable in our communities.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Face painting is great self-expression at Hallowe'en!


hallowe'en black and white

Remember those plastic masks we wore long ago that became all sweaty inside as the night wore on?  Remember the elastic we wore around the head to keep the darn things on? They often snapped when the mask had to go over a warm hat (after all, here in Canada, we often have had some snow by Hallowe'en.)

Those masks are pretty much passé. This is one night during the year when children and adults alike practise their artistic skills painting a new persona for themselves or for others.

Certainly, you will find lots of inspiration on social media sites for face painting. I don't have to search for ideas as I have a very artistic granddaughter who has been posting some of her own face painting for her friends (and for me) to see. She has even been hired to paint faces at birthday parties. Little wonder!

It is not the first time I have used her as a model on my blog. She appears in this post, Mya at ten years old,  and here in Slipping Through my Fingers.

Whereas I was once painting her, she is quite capable now of creating her own works of art. Her Hallowe'en face painting is a fine example of her creativity.

Face painting pumpkin

As you get ready for Hallowe'en, take the time to appreciate the childish excitement expressed by your children and/or grandchildren on this occasion, for they are indeed, brief, fleeting moments.

Happy and safe Hallowe'en everyone!

Halloween lineup

Above photo only by rawpixel at unsplash.  All other photos taken by a family member.  Merci K et J et M.



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  • Hi Louise, Halloween came and went here in Australia. les suggested I buy some treats which I did, and no one came knocking in our door, so guess what, we have to eat the lollies ?. There were a few houses in our area which were decorated appropriately and there was definitely heaps in the shops to buy for the occasion. Mya certainly has inherited your talent for art, and I know along the way you have been a good teacher. Good on her for making a few $$ for her talent.

    • Sally, we don’t get any kids coming to this end of the street anymore so we haven’t bought candies in years. We usually go out to a restaurant for dinner, which we did, and then we went to friends’ for drinks and dessert.

      It is fun to watch Mya become a young woman with interests of her own. Since she was a baby, we have had activities together and art has certainly been one of the most frequent.

      Enjoy the spring weather…today is dreary, a typical November day.

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