Slipping Through my Fingers...


Slipping Through my Fingers was first published in July 2016 when I painted my granddaughter. It was an experiment on cheap paper using watercolours. In the header, I used coloured pencils and pastels for her portrait. I knew even then that our time with her was to be treasured...

You might have recognized the lyrics from ABBA's song in the title for this post.

I caught myself humming "Slipping Through my Fingers" while I was painting my granddaughter who stayed with us for two weeks during her summer holidays.

It was on a loop in my head driving me crazy!

Memories come flooding back

Of course, so many memories came to me of my children, and now my grandchildren, growing up, leaving babyhood and childhood behind them. Of time moving on more quickly as the years go by it seems...

"Slipping Through my Fingers" is one of several songs that become brain worms.  These melodies have me running for a tissue and blubbering like a fool.

mya in my sketchbook

The above watercolour is titled, "Slipping Through my Fingers" (how could it be anything else?). The paper buckled with the layers of water added to it. This is all part of the learning process for me and thankfully, this painting was completed in my watercolour sketchbook. It was meant all along as an exercise to practice pen and watercolour.

I couldn't remember all the lyrics, and when I found the song, I knew right away that the words were appropriate for this post.

Lyrics to Slipping Through my Fingers...

"Waving goodbye with an absent-minded smile
I watch her go with a surge of that well known sadness
And I have to sit down for a while
The feeling that I'm losing her forever
And without really entering her world
I'm glad whenever I can share her laughter
That funny little girl."

The second experiment below is titled "Do I really see what's in her mind." This is a mixed media entry in my sketchbook.

Do I really see what's in her mind

I know there will come a day when she will be too busy to come and spend time with me.

I savour every moment with her now.

"Slipping through my fingers..."

baby and grandma

la belle ballerine

Mya was the subject again in a pencil portrait painted one year ago.

My grandchildren slip a little less quickly through my fingers when I am painting them.  Each little detail is closely examined as I try to capture an essence of their personality.


I recommend art work of any type to anyone who wants to "capture" more time. How do you make more out of time?  

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  • I just had to add a further comment as I know how much you treasure the time you have with your grandchildren….. ????????‍❤️‍????‍????. Big hugs

  • I know exactly what you are saying, they leave before you can blink.. Not intentionally, but all of a sudden Grandparents aren’t an important aspect of their life, just remember how you drifted away from your own without meaning to ????

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