Touchie memorial portrait.


Recently, Dorian, a friend and neighbour, had to say goodbye to her beloved pet, Touchie. I met Dorian not long after I moved to this town during Covid. Our friendship began with afternoon walks and occasionally, our dogs would also join us. Even a few years ago, Touchie was having trouble walking and Dorian would not be able to go very far or walk briskly with him.

Just as Covid was ending, Dorian decided to invite any lonely residents to a coffee group. She realised that so many of us had moved from the city to this town only 20 minutes from Ottawa. Because of the pandemic, we were unable to make new friends. Also, many people had lost their partners during confinement. She organized and now coordinates weekly meetings of the Rockland ON Coffee Club (on Facebook) with 490 members at the present time.

Since its inception, there have been offshoot activities; for example, the group has gone to plays, participated in marathons, raised money for worthy causes, and gathered items for charitable organizations, etc. Dorian is the driving force behind much of these activities. (Thank you Dorian!)

So then, you wouldn't be surprised that when I heard the news about sweet Touchie, I had to paint a remembrance for the family.

Wood slice memorial portrait of family pet, Touchie.
Wood slice memorial portrait of family pet, Touchie.

How to display a wood slice ornament.

A wood slice acrylic portrait might be displayed hanging around the opening of a jar of souvenirs containing the dog’s (or cat) collar, and favourite small toys, or on a collage of family photos within a shadow box. Some people add the slice where they display the pet's urn. Of course, such an ornament is easy to hang on a Christmas tree or on a wreath (with all your fave pets) during the festive season. Some of my clients leave their wood slice ornaments out all year long to remember their long gone pets.

I hope that Touchie’s portrait will remind the family of pleasant memories, especially of times when he was a healthy boy.Reference photo used for the portrait.

Reference photo shown on my Ipad (used with permission) for the portrait.

I also paint portraits on glass and plastic ornaments as well as traditional wood slices. For example, I painted my Biewer, Rosie, on a flat glass ornament.

Flat glass painted ornament and wood slice ornament.
Flat glass painted ornament and wood slice ornament.


An ever growing portfolio of wood slice portraits.

Over the years, I have painted many pets on wood slices. A few are memorial portraits commissioned for someone who has had to say goodbye to a much loved fur companion.

However, most of the commissions which arrive in the fall, are painted to celebrate the pets that are still sharing their lives with their owners. They are gifted at Christmas by owners to their spouses or to adult children.

I often write the stories I am told of the pets I paint so please do read my blog posts to discover all the wonderful ways pets enrich the lives of their owners. And sometimes, the quirky photos I am sent just get my creative writing juices an example, I wrote about Three Feline Amigos.


Visit my extensive portfolio on my website for more information such as testimonials, and price list. Fall is the busiest season for pet portrait commissions. I have a few summer openings at the moment. I need good quality photos for portraits.

The whole glorious history of animals with people is about joy and connection. It's about loving this creature and letting this creature love you." Jon Katz, American author, journalist, photographer.  Jon Katz wrote Going Home - Finding Peace When Pets Die and is a New York Times bestselling author.


Rosie among the flowers at Green Corners Tulip Farm
Rosie, my Biewer, among the tulips.

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