Picturesque New York state is home

I live in the small village of Whitehall, NY, the birthplace of the US Navy. From my back porch I have picturesque views of mountains and of a canal. Although I was born and raised in Georgia, NY has always felt like home.

As far back as I can remember I have been making things. Whatever craft my mother was into, I also wanted to try. Even before I was eight years old, I was sewing Barbie clothes and then I learned to crochet them.

I used to doodle in class, or draw the image I saw in magazines of a pirate or turtle, etc., but never thought about going to art school or learning how to hone my skills.

guest artist Angel Casalino at Louise's ARTiculationsVersatility in my work over the years

My maternal grandfather was an artist and I always wished I could paint like he did. Unfortunately, I had no confidence and eventually forgot about that dream. Life, kids, and work took over my life.

I still dabbled in crochet, tole painting, needlework, polymer clay, quilting, beading, needle felting, etc.

Artist Trading Cards: small scale art is less intimidating

Then, last year, I discovered ATCs.

Artist Trading Cards are traded with other artists and are quite small, usually 2.5" X 3.5". Find more information about these types of cards at the Strathmore website.

ATCs gave me the chance to create on a small scale without fear of wasting paper and paint. I was ready to quit after making 6-7 cards because I felt they were no good. I posted them on a Facebook group page to give them a laugh at my efforts, and to my surprise they wanted them!

After making and trading over 200 cards I felt that I had learned enough techniques and had the skill to try art journaling.

I watched videos of so many talented artists like Suzi Blu, Rae Missigman, Susanne Rose, Kate Crane, Marta from MarimeSmallArt, Shawn Petite, TandiArt, Mindy Lacefield, Christy Tomlinson, etc. But every time I followed one of their videos, I was so disappointed in my work. I had to learn not to compare my work to theirs.

Eclectic is good in art and in life

My art is just as eclectic as my clothes and my home decorations. I have always had a hard time picking favorites.

The problem is that I love so many different styles and techniques that I want to try them all. However, abstracts and grunge are some of my favorite types of pages to make.

With my new confidence I was even able to venture trying acrylic painting with a palette knife. I find inspiration from so many images on the internet as well as from clothes people wear.

Whether it is art or blankets, hats, dolls, most of what I make is donated to local hospitals and food pantries. Giving my art away gives me more satisfaction than selling it. Besides, this allows me to switch as I often do between creating art, crocheting, quilting, etc.

Photography and animals

My other passions are photography and animals.

When I bought my Nikon camera a whole new way of viewing the world opened up to me. I had to learn about composition and how to focus on the small picture.

My new camera and my GPS allowed me to have the confidence to venture outside my comfort zone and look for the tiniest detail that would give me great pictures, without the fear of getting lost.

photo by Angel Casalino, featured artist at Louise's ARTiculations

Since I am unable to have pets in the apartment that I rent, I volunteer at the local SPCA to get my animal fix.

I also capture and transport injured wildlife for a local wildlife rescue group. Eventually I will try to get my wildlife rehabilitator license.

I have always felt that I was jack of all crafts but master of none.

For some reason I thought that was a bad thing.

I have finally come to accept that my ADD and brain damage will never allow me to be great or to stick with one craft, but I can still enjoy creating on my level and hopefully inspire others to try and create as well.

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a message in the box below.

If you would like to appear as a guest artist in a future post, please contact Louise.




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  • Congratulations on being a guest artist on Louise’s web page and congratulations on your beautiful art. I love the colourful display and loved reading your profile 🙂

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