"I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others." ~ Grace Kelly.

acrylic portrait of Grace Kelly

"Saving Grace" , 11" X 15" acrylic on Canson XL watercolour paper.

After too many hours to count (ok, about 13) and endless adjustments, a little dab of colour here, smudging there, touching up in another spot, trying a different colour here, repeat over and over again, I am ready to walk away from this one and call her done.

Although I did not push through to the end with the palette knife and the application of more layers of thick vivid swaths of paint, I am happy that I tried something new.

"Saving Grace" is a rather tame version of this week’s complete lesson. 

I am painting in the style of the artist Voka, (see YouTube video below) an Austrian contemporary artist. 

Big, bold, brash, his style is easy to recognize.  Voka describes this art style he invented as “spontaneous realism”.  Using acrylics, he paints quickly with broad gestures.  I particularly like the way he slaps the different colours onto the huge canvas with a trowel.  No hesitation whatsoever.

Such is not the case with my art. No wild dashes and dabs for me yet, no long strokes pulled out of the paint.  "Saving Grace" reveals the limitations that I still feel at loosening up.  

There is a phase in a painting beyond which I am not ready to cross.   After the many hours of struggling with this portrait, I cannot take the risk of ruining her.  

On the contrary, even though I am all for experimentation in art,  I feel as though I have saved Grace just in time.  

Voka painting Marilyn Monroe.

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    • Thanks Sally…another big struggle with these colours that I am not used to working with on a painting. But I admit that I do like the end result.

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