Darla Peterson found art early in life.

Like most artists, I've had a love for creating that goes as far back as I can remember.  I used to love a rainy day when Mom didn't make us play outside so I could curl up with color books and crayons.

After a difficult time in my life, I was looking and praying for something, anything to take my mind off my troubles and give me something to focus on.

Then I saw Donna Dewberry on QVC and a One Stroke crazy woman I became. I traveled to Iowa to be trained and certified to teach by Donna Dewberry herself.

I was SO proud and taught for several years and then I felt stuck, as if I had done all I wanted to do with that painting technique.


Colourful and Whimsical art.

My artwork tends to be mostly whimsical, as I love bright colors. They make me so happy!  I've taken a lot of classes since One Stroke and I would love to encourage everyone to try to take as many as possible!

I started out watching You Tube videos and I think Suzi Blu and Willowing (Tamara LaPorte) were two of my favorites, along with Jane Spakowsky. I've also traveled to Virginia Beach to take classes from Ros Stallcup (twice!) That was super fun.  My recently widowed father accompanied me both times and we made memories that I will remember forever!

I believe we can all learn something new and if we take just a little bit of that into our next piece, we'll slowly develop our own unique style.

That being said, it is something I'm still trying to find.  I like SO many styles and mediums and I'm going to have to learn that I can appreciate and love them without having to head off into that direction too. I've actually priced check kilns because someone else makes great pottery!


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  • Oh Louise, thank you so much! I wasn’t aware this was published but I saw I had gained a couple of new followers over on Instagram so I thought I better check! You do beautiful work in helping to promote artists and display their works. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my work with your readers. Thank you to your kind readers and their sweet comments too! Hugs to you all!!

  • I love Darla’s work and I think she sounds a bit like many of us, maybe never getting a style to call our own, for me that would be boring doing the same type of thing all the time. Adventure in art is my mantra.

    • I agree with you Sally…I love to experiment and try different techniques and even styles and it appears that Darla does as well. With regards to the pet portraits, people will refer to one or the other portrait as the style they like so I think I am offering choices in how their pet can be painted. Darla’s paintings are all lovely. Thanks for stopping by once again Sally!

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