Kishnu Kurmi's background.

Kishnu Kurmi, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations


My father was a farmer and we lived in India, in extremely poor conditions. We were a large family and my father’s earnings were not enough to provide us sufficient food and education.

Somehow, my parents found a way to send me to primary school.

Since childhood, colours were my best friends. I still remember I used to draw a lot of nature’s pictures and colour them. My love and passion towards colour and painting grew as time went on.

A mentor arrives during difficult times

Kishnu Kurmi, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculationsWhen I was in 5th standard, my father passed away. Life became even more difficult and yet, I was lucky enough to be able to continue my education for the next 2- 3 years in spite of the family hardships.

Fortunately, it was during these years that I met a few of the best art teachers who provided the guidance I needed.

My first teacher was Rakesh Raj. He taught me how to paint with watercolours. I call him guru which means great teacher. I have since learned new techniques on my own.

Eventually, I had to leave school to support my family, and I started working as an assistant at an art gallery. I received a minimum amount, but I kept working there and continued my passion. With God’s grace I worked at various art studios, and book publishing houses.

It is the blessing of God and my teacher that I am still drawing and painting as a freelancer.

Dreams for my future

My dream has always been to complete my education at an art college. It hasn’t happened yet.

However, I am happy that with all the odds, I am still painting my dreams. I continue to learn and I will keep learning and painting as long as I am alive.

You can find me on Instagram where Louise follows me. You may also view my portfolio at artstation.

Kishnu Kurmi

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Below, more exquisite scenes painted by Kishnu of his beloved India.

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