Featured Artist Rosita Frick's travels are reflected in her art.

I was born in Spain but was brought up in Morocco where I learnt to appreciate other cultures and their beauties like the Berber people of the desert always dressed in black but with colourful ornaments. I also love the women of the Ruf mountains with their eye-catching hats.

Artistic Influences.

I have always painted since a very young age. My love for portraits came from an English artist who lived in Granada, George O W Apperley (1884/1860).  Apperley painted the most gorgeous gypsies of the Sacromonte in Granada. Joaquin Sorolla (1892/1948) is another favourite Spanish artist who also painted mainly little children playing by the seaside.

As I also love languages, I came to England where I met my husband and then started married life in Singapore. We have travelled since then extensively... and still do at our grand age!

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My travels have shown me the beauty of the world and now retired, I have taken painting seriously as part of my hobbies. I used to paint with oils in my younger days, but now I enjoy watercolours and pencil works.

Maurice Utrillo (1883/1955) is another artist who has inspired me to do street scenes. From Montmartre, Utrillo specialized in Parisian cityscapes.

I feel very privileged to be living in a lovely part of the world with a big garden full of flowers which I also enjoy painting.

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(Rosita and I met virtually, on Instagram, and then in person, in Marbella, Spain, in 2018. We spent a lovely day catching up on our lives and our love of art in the outdoor cafes on the sunny Mediterranean boardwalk. This is a very special memory of mine of my third trip to the Costa del Sol.)

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