Rossana Russo: self-taught artist.

My little family includes my husband, my son, and our beloved Bull Terrier Woodoo, and we live in a lovely Italian town on the slopes of the Alps.

I define myself as a late self-taught artist, in the sense that I started having fun painting after I was 50. Since then, I have not stopped and my practice is daily.

Combining utility with fun, steadily training my passion for art, I am also learning about the foreign languages ​​used in my profession and looking for artists online.

In 2016, I attended my first year-long class which gave me the opportunity to meet American, English, German, and Dutch artists.

This class helped me understand the use of various mediums in painting and to reach out to other artists.

Rossana Develops her own Style.

About 2 years ago, I started noticing people recognizing my own work on social media: I managed to create my own art style!

My motivation is, as I said before, to have fun. Playing with colors, paper, clay, and many other mediums is a way to spend my free time while bringing out my inner child.

While I prefer acrylics and collage, my curiosity prompted me to try any type of medium.

Reinventing Herself During Lockdown.

During the lockdown period, not yet finished in Italy, I managed to invent something new that totally involved me, allowing me to detach myself a little from this exceedingly difficult moment.

As a result, I started recycling objects such as bottles, cups, and various containers, covering them with paper and glue, giving them a new life as characters and stories that you can find on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to see more of my quirky characters?

Find me at the links below and follow me or leave a comment!

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Instagram:  (@rossaruss)

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