Sammar Siddiqui, a self-taught artist.

Lavender Fields by Sammar Siddiqui, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Lavender Fields

I completed a Masters in Biological Sciences (Human Physiology) but I was always interested in Fine Art particularly painting and sketching.

A self-taught landscape and surrealistic artist, I am new to this world of painting having only been painting for 3 years. I created my first art work in oil that was highly appreciated by my family and friends.

After such an encouraging reaction to my first work of art, how could I just stop there? There was an urge inside of me to keep creating so I grabbed my brushes and paints and started playing with colours.

Art became an obsession in my daily life.

YouTube and Bob Ross are great help for beginning artist

YouTube tutorials helped me considerably.

I love Bob Ross's videos, his way of creating magic on canvas, his genuine style and calming way of painting inspired me to paint in his style. After a while, I discovered my own painting techniques.

Whatever little money I had, I spent it on buying art material to pursue my dream of creating a world that I see, on canvas.

A nature lover with a deep aesthetic sense, I am inspired by this beautiful world to continue even though I sold only one of my works of art.

Growing as an artist.

In the next five years, I wish to grow my skills each day. I feel unstoppable!

Although I started with oils, I switched to acrylics because of feasibility. I love painting on unusual surfaces such as on wood and sea shells.

I discovered that I enjoy painting on small canvases and have done 30 small paintings no bigger than 3 inches.  Adding depth and detail to such a small size is quite challenging and fun.

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