A life filled with art making.

MIxed media doll by Sharon Mann, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Mixed media doll by Sharon Mann

Greetings, my name is Sharon Mann. Special thanks to Louise for inviting me as a guest on her website.

My life has always been filled with art making.

I’m obsessed with creating every day. I still keep my kindergarten clay figurines to remind me of my beginnings.

I was lucky to grow up in a household where my father and mother were makers of everything from furniture, beautiful gardens, knitting, sewing, painting and quilts.

Working with many mediums has allowed me to experiment with 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional art. Along the way I’ve been involved in puppet making, doll making, crochet pattern designing, fabric illustration, including two large fabric murals, painting, art journals, and teaching art at the local park.

My favorite way of illustrating has been with fabric and threads. But, now it has become more difficult to spend hours working with needle and thread. So, I have changed my medium to watercolor, watercolor pencils, acrylic and collage. I have transferred my love of fabric patterns and texture to painting them on paper (with occasional stitching from my sewing machine).

One of the many benefits of sharing my art on social media is to meet other artists. I have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with art projects and enjoyed working with other artists.

You can visit my blog at www.makeartmagichappens.com or I’m on Instagram as sharons_sketches.

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  • I love everything you have done, very original. I have a soft spot for your otter. She seems to come to life. Glad to have discovered your art.

  • Sharon I like how you create differences in your work, ie, like me you don’t repeat the same type of artwork every time, nothing quite like experimenting. Thank you Louise for introducing Sharon to us all ?

  • The doll is indeed amazing. As is everything you do. Your feeling for textures gives everything you do depth, and I always look forward to your next creation! (K)

  • Sharon, congratulation on being featured on Louise’s web page. Your art looks wonderful, so original and interesting. I love it.

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