journal entry - a girl needs a role model

For International Women’s Day. (March 8, 2019)

A few years ago, I participated in a year long gratitude journal challenge issued by Jenny Frith on Instagram.

In my journal, I sketched, collaged, painted, and thought about all the people, events, objects that make my life so much brighter. This type of a sketchbook really made me take stock of my life.

The Last Act of Love is one of my most significant journal entries for that year.

However, there were so many other entries of gratitude: Water, nature’s greatest gift taken for granted, My first memory, and The nostalgia in a burst of flowers to name only a few. All journal submissions can be seen by entering gratitude journal in the search bar of my website.

For this particular journal entry, the prompt was to “sketch or illustrate your appreciation for the people who have shown you the ropes and inspired you to grow taller, reach higher, learn more, be better”.

There are oh so many women who have been important in my life…far too many to illustrate and so, I have decided to keep this entry generic in nature.

This page in my sketchbook reminds us that we are role models for girls and young women who watch everything we do.

The old adage applies: often our actions are more significant than anything we will ever say.

Which woman has had the greatest impact in your life? In what ways is your life better because of this woman?  Leave a reply in the box below.

If you would like to begin a practice of sketching the world around you, or even starting a gratitude journal of your own, visit my website for “Sketching every day – a workshop for beginners”.


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