Photographer Kris Kennedy shares her story.

Photography became an unexpected hobby back in 2005 when a friend introduced me to it as we hiked in Algonquin Park.

At the time, I had a Canon point and shoot camera which took satisfactory pictures. However, it didn’t provide a lot of flexibility for the landscape and nature photography I wanted to shoot. When my high-tech job paid out a bonus, I ran to the camera store and bought a Nikon D90.

Twelve years later, my D90 wore out when I shot just over 20,000 images. As a result, I bought a Nikon D7100, my current camera.

No doubt, my happy place, is the great outdoors, with camera in hand.

The deeper into the woods, the happier I am. No people, no traffic, no commercialism. Just peaceful sounds of nature: cascading water, the rustling of leaves, chance sightings of creatures big and small (preferably small), and possible discoveries awaken my creative soul the minute I am outdoors.

The Canadian Tulip Festival: a photographer's dream

The Canadian Tulip Festival, a spectacular floral event held annually in Ottawa each May, is my one exception to my country preferences.

Held at Commissioners Park by Dow’s Lake, it has become one of the best opportunities for photographing flowers and further developing my macro photography skills.

The Canadian Tulip Festival was established to celebrate the historic Royal gift of tulips from the Dutch to Canadians immediately following the Second World War as a symbol of international friendship. The Festival preserves the memorable role of the Canadian troops in the liberation of the Netherlands and Europe as well as commemorates the birth of Dutch Princess Margriet in Ottawa during World War II—the only royal personage ever born in Canada.(Canadian Tulip Festival)

After a very chilly and delayed spring this year, the tulips were some of the best I’ve seen in years.

Photography was initially a good escape from a very stressful high-tech career.

After a car accident sidelined me, and I was no longer able to work, photography became an outlet to deal with chronic pain and keep me moving.

Photography and art: a perfect match!

The creative aspects of photography have now evolved further into art with a focus on acrylics, alcohol inks, watercolours, and jewelry. How much better can it get with art and photography working hand-in-hand?

Over the years, I have sold photography cards, prints and tote bags through various third-party companies including Red Bubble, Zazzle and Society 6.

Now that art is playing such a large role in my life, I have streamlined my photography sales through Red Bubble, and print-on-demand requests made directly through me.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Red Bubble and my website.

I always enjoy connecting with other creatives and receiving feedback and comments.

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If you are a creative (artist, photographer, sculptor, woodworker...) and would like to be featured on my blog, please contact me. I would love to share your work with my growing community around the world.

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  • Well done Kris, such beautiful photos. Capturing nature at its best is what I also love about photography and the fact you have been able to make a career out of it is an added bonus.

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