Flower child, remembrance of times gone by.

Flower Child photo
Photo by Nicole Geri at unsplash. Copyright free.

The flower child of the seventies is now in her seventies (some of us are, and some of us are in our sixties...). Maybe flower children are born and not made by the decade in which they grew up. No matter. We all have a bit of the flower chid in us.  (This post was first published in June, 2019.)

What do palazzo pants, loose embroidered blouses, large round wire framed glasses, and long flowing skirts have in common?

Whether it is in home decor with macrame plant holders, colourful rugs and pillows, and wicker furniture, or in fashion with flounces and gauzy material, the bohemian look is having a moment.  Knowing how fashion is fickle, the present trends may only be a blip on the trendiness radar.

As a nod to times gone by, I painted two flower children.




I want to paint a picture

Botticelli style

Instead of Venus on a clam

I’d paint this flower child

“You are the air my flowers breathe”

He calls, and the ladies turn around

On the first day of spring

I’m looking at the only joy around.

~Joni Mitchell, The Only Joy in Town

Flower Child by Louise Primeau
Flower Child

The details of the portraits...

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. When the weather is beautiful, I spend less time painting.

After glueing vintage calligraphy to a sheet of watercolour paper, I stamped and added layers of colour. Nothing too elaborate. Summer painting has to be simple and quick, but most of all, it should be fun!

I have a thing for vintage!

I love anything from the forties and fifties especially...cars, music, fashion, food...I can't really explain my fascination with those decades although I have tried to understand why they have such a hold on me!

For a while, I had fun painting vintage portraits and writing stories about the people who surfaced in my paintings.

To see more vintage portraits, visit Eliana, a vintage portrait from 1938, or Vintage postcard reveals a story.

Contact me! I enjoy comments and feedback from my readers.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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    • Yes, what goes around definitely does come around. I wish I still had a few of those clothes but especially the shoes. I have a granddaughter that might have loved wearing them. Vintage is in…that makes me feel old…that my possessions from childhood are considered vintage! Thanks for leaving a comment Nelvia.

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