Full of Beans – the cat with the best expression ever!

Beans wood slice ornament
Beans on Christmas wood slice ornament. Iridescent copper background adds shimmer and final coat of glossy varnish (after the photo was taken), brightens up the colours.
Beans reference photo
One of the photos used as a reference to paint Beans.

Full of Beans is full of mischief!

Some cats are quiet and disappear for hours at a time.

Beans, on the other hand, likes to be in the middle of the action. Here he is, sitting on the table surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Although I was sent many wonderful photos of Beans, the client requested that I paint her daughter's furry friend on a wood slice using this photo as my reference.

Is he really seeking attention? or is he innocently plotting his escape? Perhaps his owner is about to plant a big Christmas smackeroo on his sweet little face.

The client wanted a Christmas theme on the three wood slices she ordered for her two daughters.  I painted holly, (a good substitute for mistletoe) above Beans' head and added iridescent copper to the background to match the cat's fur.

Louise adding final touches
I am adding final touches to Beans while Iggy and Tony are works in progress. Two more cats for another client have been sketched in and are waiting for paint.

Pet portrait commissions for 2020

I now have a page where you can read the reviews left by my clients who have ordered commissions from me in the past.

A heartfelt thank you to all my wonderful pet friends who left comments on Facebook or who sent me personal feedback. Artists work in isolation and doubt often sets in! Your reviews over time have uplifted me!

Wood slice pet portraits are especially popular at this time of the year. Contact me for a wood slice painting and I will add your name to my waiting list for 2020. I ship wood slices worldwide.

I would love to paint your precious pet so that you have a unique, lasting portrait of your furry friend. These one-of-a-kind portraits are appreciated at other occasions than Christmas such as for birthdays, or as memorials to beloved companions.

Hand painted wood slice ornaments giveaway
Hand painted cardinal and deer wood slice giveaway


You don't own a pet?  No problem!

However, if you would just like to have a more traditional, vintage type ornament in your tree this year, hand painted by me, add your name as a subscriber to my monthly newsletter and follow instructions in last month's newsletter. You might win one of the above wood slices!

Winners will be announced at the end of the month. Good luck everyone!





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