Starbuck and Pippet – much loved family pets

Starbuck and Pippet are recently painted commissions. Not long after they left my art room, the client sent me this information about both pets. Thank you Shirley C.!

Starbuck’ s unusual name

Contrary to popular belief, this cute little dog is NOT named after the American coffee chain, but rather after a character in Battlestar Gallactica.

Starbuck is a mix of Shitzu, Cocker Spaniel, and other breeds.

At 7 years old, this little bundle of energy is a great defender of his owner, Shannon.

A fluffy, crazy little mutt, he barks at everything and everyone, and prefers human company to other dogs.

Besides relaxing, Starbuck's favourite pastime is occasionally finding and destroying stuffed animals that his owner buys for him.

Doesn't Starbuck look dapper in his bowtie? Maybe Santa will forgive his bad habits and have another stuffed toy for him to destroy?  What do you think?

Pippet loves the great outdoors

This Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel breed, is sometimes known as a Country Retriever.

Pippet is only one year old so he is full of energy and loves exploring the great outdoors. But he is most happy when he is off-leash.

If you remember the 1975 movie Jaws, you might recall a black Labrador Retriever named Pippet. Unfortunately, that Pippet was lost while he played fetch with his owner on the beach.

Was movie Pippet snapped up by Jaws? No one knows!

However, our Pippet is in no danger. To be sure, his owners Kelsey and Andrew lavish him with lots of love and treats.

Pippet enjoys watching Netflix, as long as he can watch his favourite dog movies.


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