This easy project will thrill your child!

I know a little girl who has all her art work displayed in her bedroom.

As summer comes to an end and we move into fall, why not try this easy project with your children?  It can be modified or adapted in so many ways. Why not add splashes of paint to the background? (Do this outside though as it is a messy process).  Or how about sparkles on that bow?

First published in July 2017, this post is all about creating memories with the people you love…

When you have a little visitor in your home and it is one of those dreary days, here is an easy  project you might try.  I got the idea from Pinterest and we added our own unique twist to it.

child painting a canvas with acrylics

Items needed:  a newspaper or magazine, 3 colours of acrylic paint, medium sized sponge brush or other cheap brush, Modge Podge or good glue, a white canvas, foam squares with sticky backs.  Most of these items are available at the Dollar Store.

We also added a butterfly from a paper napkin, and a “crown” from a paper doily.  These are optional of course and your little one might decide to add different embellishments.  An older child might want to make this much more detailed.

collage newspaper outline of dog on prepped canvas
  1.  Paint the canvas with a sponge brush or old brush.  It will need several coats.
  2. I traced the outline of the dog on the newspaper and had my visitor cut it out.
  3. Next, glue the cut out newspaper dog (or cat, or butterfly…) onto the canvas.  We used Modge Podge because I know that it will hold. When it is dry, add the foam nose (a circle) and the dog’s eyes, in this case, ovals as her dog has oval shaped eyes in the photo we were using. Next, paint the ears pink.  This could be optional depending on the type of dog you have decided to paint.
  4. If you have paper napkins with interesting designs such as flowers, butterflies or whatever, remove the layers from the napkins so that you are left with only the top, printed layer.  It will be thin.  You might have to help glue this down.  We Modge Podged on top as well.
bow tie is painted separately

5.  Use a thin cardboard to draw a bow.  I had my visitor paint the bow in her chosen colour which was a deeper purple than the background and let dry.  Then she cut it out.  When the dog was dry, she glued on the bow.

6. Finally, she added the little crown to make it “cute”.  This was from the edge of a paper doily.

7. Once this was done, I suggested she write her name.

And then, it was time to move on to baking.  She made chocolate chip cookies and banana chocolate chip muffins.

It was a busy day!

the final project of collaged dog
time to make some cookies

If you like looking for colourful fall leaves as I do, why not try this project with your loved ones?

How do you keep your children or grandchildren creatively busy?


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