Janice Mullins: practising art later in life

Oodgeroo-Noonuccal, Australian Indigenous artist,poet, activist. Portrait by Janice Mullens.

I remember even as a small child I loved to draw. Very much a dreamer, I spent a lot of time just doodling away, but even back then my focus was on people.

After finishing high school I really wanted to pursue an artistic career but I was persuaded to get a 'proper' job and continue with art as a hobby.

Of course life gets in the way, and over the next few decades, work and family took over. I was, however, really lucky. After my split with my partner, I met a great guy who, when I told him about how much I would like to do something artistic, encouraged me to enrol in a one year art course.

Art course is a turning point

The course was fun based, allowing me to experiment with various mediums, including clay work and printing. At the end of that year I was invited to complete another year to gain a Diploma in Fine Art, which I did. I focused on painting.

It was only several years later that I actually began to take drawing a little more seriously. During the past eighteen months, I have started using charcoal, a medium that is my current obsession.

Janice Mullins’ portraiture process

Charcoal is such a diverse medium. Generally, during my painting process, I eyeball what I am doing and get down a close as possible to accurate base drawing. From there I keep working around the whole drawing to build up the tonal values I am hoping to achieve. I often work from lights to dark, backwards and forwards.

Soft pastels are the perfect partner for charcoal. They work beautifully together. I can apply charcoal with a brush for softness, or directly using pencils, willow and compressed charcoal. In spending a lot of time manipulating the application and lifting of charcoal, I can create different effects, such as with lighting, and texture.

I draw for the sheer enjoyment of it, and my focus is, as it has always been, portraiture.

Attuned to facial details

There is something about a face that captivates me. I never use aids such as grids or tracing, so I spend a lot of time working and adjusting all the facial features. With each discovery, whether it is line, or pattern, or shape that I see, I also find myself wondering about the subject's story and character. I become invested in capturing the person as accurately as possible.

I never do a practice piece. My decisions are always rather impulsive and I hope for the best. Of course I have lots of fails. However, I learn from those failed attempts as much as from my successful portraits.

My favourite paper is probably Strathmore Grey Toned paper, but I also like Canson and Fabriano drawing paper. These papers allow me to layer and lift the charcoal.

I am not set up professionally, but occasionally will do a drawing request with a pay it forward tag. The money goes to a worthy community group. It's really nice to know my artwork can be of benefit elsewhere in the community.

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