Remembering Knight, a very dignified Standard Poodle.

Standard Poodle portrait on wood slice
Knight memorial portrait on Canadian birch slice.

This portrait is a gift from one friend to another who has recently had to say goodbye to her beloved dog.

Painted on an approx. 3” birch slice sourced from Timmins, Ontario, Knight has kept the dignified look that the client said was his hallmark.

Other distinctive characteristics of the Standard Poodle include the long muzzle, the rounded skull, the dark eyes and those beautiful long ears that hang and frame the face.

Knight, as other poodles, has that noble, intelligent look about him which I think was captured in the portrait.


A wood slice is a beautiful way to immortalize a favourite furry companion and is a unique gift to offer any time of the year. They are compact and can easily be mailed anywhere in the world.  View my entire portfolio of pet portraits on wood slices here.

Would you like me to paint a portrait of your sweet pet? Prices are posted on my website. I offer different price points and sizes as well as possibilities for buying a custom pet portrait.

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2 Responses

  • Beautiful as always. Not an easy subject. He looks like royalty. I love it as I’m sure his family will too.

    • Thank you Thérèse. I enjoyed the change from painting on canvas. The friend who commissioned the art work thought that dignified and royal were appropriate adjectives to describe Knight.

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