Spring is just around the corner…

Or is it?

Spring Fling
Painted with oil pastels, this little sketch was then modified in various apps.

It is hard to believe we are only weeks away from spring.  I recently needed a blast of colour and the image on the left is the result.

February's newsletter was emailed yesterday to all my subscribers. I am pleased to have already received a photograph of a spectacular flower from one of my loyal readers. The photographs and art you send me will be published in March or April's newsletter.

Also, if you are a subscriber, look for February's newsletter among your emails to find out how you can win Forever a Wallflower, a giclée print of a pastel portrait that has become my signature piece. This is available only to my subscribers.  If you wish to become a subscriber, here is the link.


Louise Primeau Ottawa Artist

4 Responses

  • For you the joy of Spring, for us on the other side of the world we are just starting to see a glimpse of Autumn (Fall), although this week one would hardly think so with a stretch of very warm weather. Sadly it seems that in a couple of months we will have the heating on, but hey! Let me not get downhearted, I am still on the green side of the grass and whatever the weather, days are to be enjoyed ?

    • Sally, with each change of season, I think of you and that you are in the opposite cycle. Just so you know, there is so much snow here and spring still is far away. Now we are wishing for a gradual melt otherwise there will be flooding in many areas. Cheers my friend!

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