Playing in a sketchbook is good therapy.

Have you had days when…

Nothing seems to go the way you want it to?

You have many projects in various stages of completion, but you don’t feel like working on them?

The urge to create is within you; however, you don’t have much time?

Well, that was how I felt a few weeks ago when I started this project in my sketchbook.

Working in a sketchbook is very liberating. If it doesn't turn out, cover it up: gesso the whole page and voilà, it has quickly disappeared. Or make it into a learning experience and write notes about the process. Another way to salvage a ruined painting? Find bits and pieces of paper and collage over the disaster. Even better, just turn the page!

My sketchbook entry was supposed to be a quick, get it done in one afternoon kind of deal, but it turned out to take much longer than that.

And then I started fooling around with papers, stencils, and lastly, she ended up this way for a few moments (photo on right)…

Can you guess what I used to create this effect in Fragmented?


  • This item comes in different shapes and sizes and colours
  • It can be used as a decoration in some types of arrangements

Please leave the answer in the Leave a reply box below this blog post. I will post the answer next week.

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