“I wish I could show you when you are lonely…or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”  ~ Hafez, (approx. 1320 AD), a prolific poet, wanted to write poetry that was divinely inspired so he memorised the Koran.

There are many ways of letting troubles float away…

Some of mine include listening to music, writing, and any type of art. What are yours?

This post was first published in February 2017.

My spirit is healed - mixed media painting

“My spirit is healed”, 11×15 mixed media on Canson XL watercolour paper.

I wasn’t sure this background would work…

In this experiment, the bubbles or bokeh background worked the way I had hoped.  I used a stencil I created to make the bubbles and then added the words that create negative feelings in most people. I had that idea of showing that her troubles, fear, sorrow, uncertainty, are very much “floating away”. (I used a similar process in Yoda, a very special companion.)

And then I had the idea to add the string to her fingers without showing what trouble she is letting float away. Is she self-conscious? fearful? shy?

So in this painting, I learned:

  1. a new background technique,
  2. I practised painting a hand, (hands are very tricky to draw) and
  3. I continued to perfect working with watered down acrylics to simulate watercolour for the woman’s portrait. This is a very useful technique that I learned from Lauren Rudolph.

All in all, this was a great lesson with a pleasing result. That isn’t always the case so when it happens, it makes my heart sing with joy!

My troubles are indeed, floating away!



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