Yoda, a very special companion

"Yoda at Christmas" is especially dapper as he wears his bow tie while sitting under the Christmas tree. Those glass balls have lots of glitter on them which does not show up in this photo.  But he looks mesmerized by all the glitter! Or maybe he is remembering his favourite ball and playing fetch with his family.

Dapper Yoda at Christmas

"Yoda at Christmas", acrylics on 11x 14" canvas.

Yoda at Christmas, will be the last pet portrait I paint this year. He is a gift for my grandchildren. It will be something they will remember in years to come as I am sure no one else will give them anything similar to this.  

I am not sure if they appreciate the handmade gifts they have received over the years. But I find it personally satisfying to spend time preparing something special for them.  

Special, unique gifts will be remembered

I really believe that it is not the store bought gifts that they will remember in ten, fifteen years from now. Don't get me wrong. I do buy them the toys they ask for, just less than I would have many years ago. I much prefer other ways of having them remember us.wooden hand painted advent calendar

Advent calendar hand painted by me in 2015.

They will think back to time spent with me crafting for Christmas or other special occasions. And maybe they will remember tickle trunks with play dresses, "princess" mirrors made by hubby, or a balance beam he also made for the gymnast in the family. 

Last year, hubby made a special desk for building with Lego for my grandson. Hubby included space for storage and a few containers for some of the more special pieces of building blocks. 

  handmade Lego table


Yoda and his family

Yoda was adopted when he was a few months old and his previous owners no longer wanted to keep him. He is good company for my grandchildren falling asleep with them on the sofa when they are sick, or visiting them in their beds at night to find another warm spot for his little body.

Recently, we "babysat" Yoda when his family could not access their home. He stayed with us for a week and we discovered what a sweet, gentle personality he has.  

Wishing you a most wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones.

Christmas package

(photo by Ben White at Unsplash)

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  • Just gorgeous Louise, and I remember the struggle you had with that Advent
    box. Merry Christmas 🎄 🤗

    • Yes, Sally, it was a bit of a nightmare. But hopefully they think of me when they see it each December! Merry Christmas to you and Les as well.

  • I truly lovely gift. I’m sure they will treasure it as they grow older. It will be a reminder of their dog when he is no longer there and of their grand-mother’s love.

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