Benji is ready to go home for Christmas.

Benji is painted on a 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas which doesn’t need a frame. He arrives home ready to hang on the wall next to his pal, Riley, painted in October this year for the same client. Both pet portraits are gifts from the client to her daughters.

Benji’s Story.

Benji was born in February, 2009. Although he will be 14 years old soon, he still is full of youthful energy in spite of his age. Benji has quite the personality always seeking attention from everyone. He does this by “talking” and having what he thinks, is a great conversation with anyone and answering any questions he might be asked.

He enjoys the special homemade breakfasts made by his favourite human grandfather. Add a long walk on nearby trails and a quiet nap in the afternoon and life is just about as perfect as it can be for Benji.

Finally, bedtime comes early for Benji who likes to take advantage of very long sleeps.

Pet Portraits for every taste and budget.

Christmas orders are almost completed and will be delivered by the end of this week.

While I have many creative ideas for 2023, it is always my goal to continue painting your precious pets. It is an honour to be chosen to paint your wonderful little fur companions.

I am willing to bet my wait list is shorter than Santa's, but If you would like to add your name to it, please contact me here. I have many different ways of painting your pets and I am always attentive to your wishes.

Please read the feedback clients have left over the years. And of course, my portfolio is all on my website whether it is wood slice portraits or traditional portraits on canvas.

Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. If you are too busy to come back and read my posts before Christmas, then let me take this opportunity to wish all of you, near and far, a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2023.



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